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Music on the Green-Silent Art Auction-July 8th

Celebrate the Arts & Music in Hamilton, NY July 8th

Mad Art Silent Art Auction & Sale

The evening of July 8th the Hamilton Village Green will have a Symphony of the Arts! Mad Art, inc. will host an Art Auction prior to the Village of Hamilton’s Music on the Green Syracuse Symphony’s Concert at 8PM.

The Mad Art Silent Art Auction will take place under the tent on the Hamilton Village green at 7PM. The auction will consist of wonderful work by over 45 artist, artisans and business including  Maggie Alexander, Mezzaluna, Ede Walker, Jim Loveless, Leigh Yardley. In addition to art, there are art related opportunities auctioned as well; a photo session with a local photographer, a custom drawing of your home, personal garden support and more. Along with the auction, there will be an art exhibit & sale!

Some of The July 8th Auction Items-

Leigh Yardley Painting

Susan Weitz Rose Necklace

Susan Weitz Jade Necklace

Scot Foley Ceramics

Jon Iannitti painting


Robin Jaycox painting

Don Cornue

Mary Yoder Jar

Storm Hammond Doll

Patty Grossman Bag

Sylvia de Swann Book

Susan Beattie Photo Session

Mary Freeman Bowls


Patty Grossman Pillow

Leigh Yardley painting

Maggies Farm Sampler

Toloa Perry Painting

Jean Chapin Basket

Janice Swain Quilt

Janice Swain Scarf

Susanne Farrington Head Sculpture

Susanne Farrington Whale Sculpture

Art for Sale

Art for Sale


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