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EOH Galleries Three New Exhibits
Exhibit Features Local Mad Art Artist Amy Eustance
Come help us celebrate three new exciting exhibitions at the Earlville Opera House Arts Center on Saturday, September 25th -a free event !  “Nature Study” features a new installation by Kim Waale, while “Event Horizons” shows the abstract paintings of Barbara Mink, and “Figures and Energy” presents figurative pastel drawings by Amy Eustance.  These visionary artists summon us to re-imagine the natural world. The three exhibits run through November 6th.
In the East Gallery, Kim Waale’s new installation for EOH explores “how we address both our closeness to and distance from the natural world in the ways we represent nature.”  She notes:  “By reconstructing and re-imagining the natural world, I hope to create art that revives a visionary impulse and encourages one to imagine fewer barriers between nature and him/herself.” A professor of art at Cazenovia College since 1988, Kim Waale exhibits internationally while continuing to contribute to the local art scene.
In the West Gallery, Barbara Mink’s “rich, sometimes quirky abstractions combine pouring and dripping in the tradition of Jackson Pollock with brushy atmospherics that owe something to Romantic landscape painting.” (Arthur Whitman, Ithaca Times.) The artist further explains, “Ten years ago I founded an annual winter festival in Ithaca which features performers in both the arts and sciences, so I’m often thinking about creative synergies.  Last year I tried framing my work with concepts from physics and math. At first I veered strongly toward literal connections, but I soon ended up naming the works in “Event Horizons” more playfully. Rather than being intentional interpretations of the concepts, they remain strongly outside the “frame” as abstract paintings.”
In the Arts Café, Amy Eustance of Hamilton, NY exhibits her expressive figure drawings. “The human body and its relationship to its environment are sources of endless curiosity to me. My work explores the figure and energy: bodies in motion, bodies at rest, and the forces acting upon them: potential, kinetic, imaginary.”
The community is invited to attend all three shows, which open on Saturday, September 25th from 6-7:30pm. Come for the refreshments and stay for the artist talks. The exhibits run through November 6th.  The EOH galleries are open Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm and Saturday, 12-3pm.  Visit or call (315) 691-3550 for more information.

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